Headend System

Headend system can deliver up to 96 channels in analog or digital quality but preferably a 40 or 48 channel system is suitable for the hotels.

Below are some of the key features of this system:

This system is a centralized system which means all the equipment is placed in one room.

Channel lineup starts from 2 up to 97 which means hotels can have a dedicated channel lineup the way they want to set it up.

 Only one remote is required in the guest rooms to access all the channels.

 Lifespan of this system is easily upto 7 years if there is proper air conditioning in the room where system is installed.

 Each channel has a dedicated modulator which means in case of any modulator going bad only that channel will stop working but rest of the other channels will still work.

 This system works with all type of wirings (loop thru, homeruns, daisy chain, etc) and is recommended for hotels which have more than 2 buildings to connect.

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