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Dishrus Headend System

Headend system can deliver up to 96 channels in analog or digital quality (Though a 40 or 48 channel system is better suited for the hotels)

  • This system is a centralized system which means all the equipment is placed in one room.
  • Channel lineup starts from 2 up to 97 which means hotels can have a dedicated channel lineup, the way they want to set it up.
  • Only one remote is required in the guest rooms to access all the channels
  • Lifespan of this system is easily up to 7 years if there is proper ventilation in the room where system is installed.
  • Each channel has a dedicated modulator which means in case of any modulator going bad only that channel will stop working but rest of the other channels will still work.
  • This system works with all type of wirings (loop thru, homeruns, daisy chain, etc.) and is recommended for hotels which have more than 2 buildings to connect

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