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How to make connection with today's guests : Hotel Ideas


Connecting with guests

In 2023, guests returned to hotels with higher expectations than before the pandemic. Personalized service options can go a long way toward fulfilling those expectations.

Not every guest will take advantage of the options they are given. But the simple fact of offering them can help create an emotional connection with your brand that helps translate into higher lifetime customer value.

What you can do to make emotional connection?

According to a global survey on customer experience, KPMG identified 7 key attributes of an emotionally connected business:

1. Offers products or services relevant for me
2. Understands my specific personal needs
3. Makes me feel valued
4. Treats me as an individual
5. Knows who I am from my customer history
6. Makes me feel in control
7. Shows an interest in me

" Consumers with an emotional connection to a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value."

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