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Impact of OTT in hospitality

OTT (Over-the-top) streaming services can be a valuable feature for hotels looking to grow their business. OTT streaming services can provide hotels with a large range of benefits, including increased guest satisfaction, differentiation from competitors, additional revenue streams, cost savings, and valuable analytics and insights.

Transforming the hotel in-room experience

Hotels can leverage OTT to attract new guests, enhance the guest experience, increase repeat business, generate additional revenue, and gain a competitive advantage. As the popularity of streaming services continues to grow, offering a robust OTT experience will become an increasingly important factor in hotel growth.

Here are some ways that hotels can leverage OTT for growth:

  • Attract New Guests: By offering a wide range of streaming content through Directv AEP hotels can attract guests who prioritize entertainment options during their stay. Providing access to popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu can be a compelling selling point for many travelers.

  • Enhance Guest Experience: By leveraging OTT technology, hotels can provide guests with a more personalized and enjoyable entertainment experience. Guests can watch their favorite shows and movies from their own devices, which can improve their overall satisfaction with their stay.

  • Increase Repeat Business: By providing a high-quality OTT experience, hotels can encourage guests to return for future stays. Guests who enjoy the entertainment options provided by a hotel are more likely to book with that hotel again in the future.

  • Generate Additional Revenue: Many hotels offer premium content through OTT services for an additional fee, which can provide a new source of revenue for the hotel. Additionally, hotels can use data analytics to offer targeted recommendations and promotions to guests based on their viewing history.

  • Competitive Advantage: By offering a superior OTT experience compared to other hotels in the area, hotels can gain a competitive advantage and attract more bookings.

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