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What Travelers Love to Watch in Hotel

Hotels provide a safe and secure environment where travelers can relax after long days of sightseeing or business meetings. Also, many hotels offer special packages such as spa treatments, room service, and other perks that make them an attractive option for those looking to get away from their everyday lives

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Top Strategies for the Hotel Industry to Attract Travelers

Travelers have diverse preferences when it comes to in-room entertainment in hotels, but there are several common elements and content types that are generally appreciated:

  1. High-Definition TV: A high-quality, flat-screen TV with a range of channels is a fundamental expectation for most travelers. The TV should be easy to use, and the remote control should be intuitive.

  2. Premium Movie Channels: Providing access to premium movie channels like HBO, Showtime, or Cinemax is a great perk for guests who want to unwind with a movie.

  3. Streaming Services: Many travelers bring their own devices and appreciate the option to log into their personal streaming service accounts like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+ for entertainment.

  4. Local Channels and Information: Guests often want access to local news, weather updates, and information about nearby attractions and restaurants.

  5. Sports Channels: Sports enthusiasts appreciate access to sports channels, especially during major sporting events like the Super Bowl or the World Cup.

  6. Video-on-Demand: Offering a selection of on-demand movies and TV shows that guests can rent is a common feature in upscale hotels.

  7. Music Channels: Some guests enjoy listening to music, so providing a variety of music channels can enhance their experience.

  8. Interactive Features: Interactive TV systems that allow guests to order room service, schedule wake-up calls, and check out are convenient and user-friendly.

  9. Gaming: Providing access to video game consoles or games is appreciated by families and gamers.

  10. Local Content: Highlighting local attractions, events, and restaurants on the TV or through printed materials in the room can help guests make the most of their stay.

  11. Device Connectivity: Offering HDMI ports or wireless casting options for guests to connect their own devices to the TV is increasingly important.

  12. Educational and Travel Content: Some travelers enjoy educational programming or travel-related content that can help them learn about the local culture or plan their activities.

  13. Child-Friendly Content: Family travelers often appreciate child-friendly channels or content to keep kids entertained.

  14. Language Options: Providing content in multiple languages can enhance the experience for international travelers.

  15. Privacy and Content Security: Ensure that guest preferences and viewing history are kept private, and that the system is secure to protect guest data.

  16. Accessibility Features: Consider the needs of guests with disabilities by offering closed captioning, audio descriptions, and other accessibility features.

Hotel Industry Market Trends

Generally, traveler markets are:

  • Expecting higher standards from their accommodation providers
  • Being more careful about choosing their destination and hotel, in regards to health and safety
  • Looking to tick off bucket list items and make up for less time by taking truly meaningful trips
  • Leaning towards booking independent or boutique hotels rather than big resorts or chains
  • Heavily influenced by family and friends, and the promise of memorable first-time experiences
  • Intending to combine work and leisure during their trips, taking advantage of flexible work policies around the world
  • Becoming more comfortable with their data being used to enhance their experience

Latest travel industry trends: How to stay competitive

  • Mobile booking – Online bookings via mobile are increasing potentially.
  • Social media – The prevalence of social media in decision making is increasing, particularly instagram.
  • Growth in Asia and Asia Pacific travel – These guests come with their own set of ideals and preferences.
  • Multi-channel distribution – As traveller markets become more diverse, so must your ability to reach them.
  • Technology is a driving force – It’s now a significant disadvantage not to be tech-led in your business strategy.
  • Transport is becoming cheaper – More people are being freed to travel, bringing new markets into play. Do you have an offer for them?
  • People want travel to be enriching – The experience of visiting another destination should be fulfilling and exciting. You need to make sure a stay at your hotel is not a forgettable one.
  • Money talks – Travellers are now willing to spend more if it means they get a unique experience. The value for money is the most important thing.
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